A Full Life, Inc. Presents
the 6th annual
Run to Spring!

In support of giving special needs orphans and children at risk in Kyrgyzstan a hope and a future!

What: 5K run/walk
Date: Saturday, April 12th 2014
Time: Start 10:00 a.m. / Registration: 8:00 a.m.
Race Site: Razor Sharp Fitness
Results are IN!!!

We are sorry for the delay in awards.
They can be picked up by contacting Marathon Marketing.
email: mmteam1@yahoo.com
call Monday to Friday 1-3pm 262-639-2723

Did you know?
    Thousands of children in Central Asia still live in orphanages without love, family and a hope for their future!

Why we do what we do?
    We are all about changing this! Our projects create a bridge of hope for orphans to cross from the orphanages into loving families and a brighter future!

What’s been done so far?
  • Inclusive Education
  • Medical Assistance
  • Providing special needs equipment
  • Physical therapy
  • Basic Education and Art therapy
  • Assistance to families with special needs children
  • Rehabilitation/Educational Center for severely disabled children
Where will the funds go?
    Your funds will go directly towards our new project bringing horse and animal therapy for these special Kyrgyz kids! Come join us and be part of bringing hope and a future to these special kids!

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A Full Life, Inc. has been called to provide support and guidance for orphans in developing countries.

A Full Life raises funds to create transition homes where orphans and street children can live, work, and learn the life skills needed to assist them in the transition from institutional life to independent life.
Living in state-run institutions, many orphans in developing countries are given a minimal education, are shown few skills for independent life, and are taught few or no work skills. Such orphans, upon reaching adulthood (often as young as sixteen years of age), find themselves living on the streets and soon turn to crime and prostitution to keep themselves alive and fed.
Transition homes offer a nurturing environment with practical teachings and faith-based mentoring so that these children can become respectable members of their communities. Work skills taught in the transition homes are directly applied to the production of goods that are sold for financial sustainability.
The self-sustaining transition home implemented by A Full Life is a model for countries worldwide. Communities with orphanages can nurture responsible young citizens when given support and guidance through A Full Life. Furthermore, A Full Life reaches out to other charitable organizations near the working sites to offer support where appropriate.
Become A Full Life member today and help ensure the healthy development of orphaned children worldwide.
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