Progress in 2007
  • Partnership with Teen Challenge International in Uzbekistan Organization interested in replication
  • Lewis and Claudia Johnson in place since May 2007
    • Meeting the kids, organizing other charities, training
  • Purchased a Tractor for Teen Challenge and A Full Life use
    • Agricultural economy, income from rental and farming
  • Trained local families from 9 different churches in Fostering and Mentoring needs of orphans/street kids
  • Trained government social workers and local charity workers in needs of orphans/street kids
    • Local workers and support to lower costs
  • LVS trained local team on animal husbandry

Secondary Accomplishments 2007
  • Provided diapers, clothes and educational materials to orphanages in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
    • Work from Siena Center, EUM, Ophelia Project
  • Provided support for local street kids ministry providing weekly food and change of clothes for kids in Tashkent
  • Provided training for project to find Foster families for street kids 12 and under in Tashkent
Thank you for your prayers, help and support in 2007